One Hour   
One Hour 
90 Minutes  
90 Minutes
Two hours   $800
Two hours
Three Hours $1100
Three Hours
Four Hours  
Four Hours  
Fourteen Hours
$2000 Fourteen Hours
Twenty Four Hours
$3500 Twenty Four Hours

My fees are a reflection of the service level I provide as well as my exclusivity. I have an active lifestyle as a student and as such longer
meetings will always be prioritized over shorter ones. I'm based in the Ontario area and with advanced 24 hour notice I can reserve a nice incall location, or I can meet you at your residence or an upscale hotel. Current clients will be grandfathered in whenever rates change, which means those who I saw before the new rates went into effect will receive the original rate. I do enjoy traveling internationally and have my passport, so I can fly to see you, provided you arrange and cover the transport fees. I would also charge a deposit of 50 percent for international meetings and the minimum time would be twelve hours.