Notable Shopping Destinations in Prague

One of the best ways to establish connection with Prague busty ladies escort is shopping. You can take your VIP escort Prague in one of the many malls and boutiques in the city and let her select a gift she can keep. It will be considered as a wonderful token and you can be assured that she will reciprocate your unselfish act.

Because of the increasing popularity of Prague as a tourist destination, different shopping malls and boutiques of popular brands are also increasing. This gives tourists and locals an advantage because they can easily find the things they want and need.

Boutiques in Wenceslas Square and Na Prikope

The streets in Wenceslas Square and Na Prikope are very familiar to tourists because of its accessibility. This is also one of the best places to shop because of the different designer boutiques. Wenceslas Square is already a popular tourist destination because of the numerous structures that surround the area. Na Prikope, on the other hand, is also gaining in popularity because of its proximity to Wenceslas Square.

Myslbek Shopping Gallery

Located in Na Prikope, the Myslbek Shopping Gallery is one of the best places to shop if you’re interested in surprising your hot escort with designer clothing, especially some lingerie. The shopping mall has two levels and it also features additional boutiques for sports enthusiasts and other outdoor activity. It’s not necessarily a place where you can just hang out but a good place to shop for clothes.

Palladium Shopping Centre

Prague’s biggest shopping center is located north of Wenceslas Square. Just a few blocks from Na Prikope is the massive Palladium Shopping Centre. The place is ideal for locals and tourists who want to shop for everything they need in one place.

Parizska Street

The shopping malls will always house designer boutiques but the Parizska Street in Prague is well known for international designer brands. The name of the street gives a good clue of the boutiques that called it home in Prague. The street is practically an emulation of a Parisian street featuring popular clothing designers.

Old Town and Mala Strana

If you’re shopping for great souvenirs from Prague, you need to visit the Old Town and Mala Strana (Lesser Town). You can haggle for prices in these places and you could also dine in one of their restaurants serving only local Czech food. Ask your hot companion for additional help so that you can find the things you want in this area.