Learn More about the Popular Painters in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is well known for their performance arts such as music and theater. But the country has also significantly contributed for the past centuries in fine arts – especially in painting. Ask any student model escort Prague about a great painter of her country and she can easily provide names that she thinks are great painters. It’s even better if you are with some of the Prague escorts English speaking since you can have a lively discussion on some of their painters. You and your hot escort could even visit some of the museums as part of your vacation.

To help you get started with some of the best painters in the country, here are the well known painters of Czech Republic.

Jindřich Štyrský

Jindřich Štyrský is not just a painter. He is also an editor, photographer and a poet. He is well known for his surrealist painting which provides a unique worldview even on some regular items you can easily find anywhere. Aside from his wide collection of photographs and paintings, Jindřich Štyrský is also known for creating impressive illustrations that were used as book covers.

František Kupka

František Kupka is a very unique painter which practically revolutionized the way everyone thinks of art. He is one of the first artists to adapt abstract painting as a way of reacting to realism. He is well known for his Orphism which is a different type of cubism and interpretation of abstract items.

His works are considered the pioneering effort that eventually led to the mainstream acceptance of abstract painting. Aside from his creativity in creating unique illustration through his painting, František Kupka is also known for creating his color combination which makes it really challenging to copy some of his works.

Emil Filla

Emil Filla is a well known painter that survived two world wars while dedicating his efforts to a unique type of painting. Although he is known as an avant-garde painter, Emil Filla is known for focusing on his cubist works. Born in 1882, he focused on cubist art since 1910 which continued until his death. His is one of the highly recognized cubist artists of his era that he became one of the first painters to open a public exhibition of works after the 2nd World War. These are some of the painters you should check out if they are available in Prague. They provide a unique experience for the art world and to those who knows how to appreciate great painting.