International Cuisine Options in Prague

A great way to start your date with your hot companion from Czech Republic is through sweets. Prague escorts sweet tooth is practically your gateway to get their attention which could surely make your evening memorable. You can also consider Prague escorts video services if you think your companion knows how to have fun in front of the camera.

Catering to their sweet tooth and considering video services for your hot companion can be great idea to start your date. But if you really want to impress, the traditional method of getting to know her over dinner is still a proven method. Fortunately, there are many restaurants in Prague that can cater to your cravings. These restaurants are well known for their international cuisine. You and your hot companion will surely have something to enjoy in these restaurants.

Noi Restaurant

Although the restaurant is well known for their Asian cuisine, you should try out the restaurant for their amazing Thai meals. The best thing about Noi restaurant is the fact that they offer some of the best meals not only in their world-class zen-like interior but also in their patio (garden) outside. It’s a little bit expensive but nothing says more that you know great food with Noi restaurant.


This is not your traditional restaurant since the area is literally a cellar. The fact that it’s a cellar means you don’t just enjoy great meals here but also access to some of the finest wines you can find in Czech Republic. The aim of the restaurant is to make you feel like you’re dining with friends and family because of the laid back atmosphere and soothing music. Aside from their wines, the restaurant is also known for their traditional Czech meals as well as garlic soup and couscous.

Curry House

If you can handle the heat, then this is your place. Unlike other international restaurants that focus on the quality of their interior, the Curry House is just another restaurant. But they are well known for their amazing tandoori dishes and other Indian meals.

You don’t even have to be someone who can easily deal with some of the spiciest meals in the world. Customers love the fact that they can still try out their dishes and request to soften the spices so that it will not be too hot. These are only some of the places you can take your hot companion to impress her on your first night.