How to Enjoy Beer Gardens, Pubs and Bars with Escorts near Prague

Beer in Czech Republic is more than just a drink. It’s a drink that everyone enjoys with their friends and family along with their food. You can also visit Prague and be with a beautiful escort while enjoying beer with traditional meal. While this might an activity that doesn’t do anything with intimacy, it will be able to start the conversation between you and your companion. It’s the best way to let your companion know you value their culture and you want know more about the country not only through their beautiful companion.

Visiting Beer Gardens

The idea of a beer garden is exactly what you think it should be in Prague. The small pub is set up in a garden and there are roof tents for customers. Because nearly 20% of the land area in the city is dedicated to parks, beer gardens are very common. The most popular beer gardens are located in Stromovka where you can buy beer in cups and stroll in the park. It’s a very unique experience that can only be enjoyed in various beer gardens. You’re practically on a date under the sky with your beautiful companion.

Pubs in Prague

The old city and the town square are popular for their various clubs and pubs. But if you’re looking for the real pub experience, you better get out of the city center for a bit and head to Zizov. The place is only 10 minutes by tram from the city center. You don’t have to look for a particular pub in Zizov because every pub can be a great place to enjoy beer. It is known worldwide as the densest area for pubs so you’ll always have a pub to visit wherever you go in Zizov.

Visiting Na Slamniku

If you appreciate a good taste of beer with a piece of history, you should visit Na Slamniku. Located in right in Stromovka Park, it is the oldest pub in the country. The place started offering ale since 1570. Back then, the place was called Dolejsi. The current name was adopted in 1766 after the festival held in their area. The structure is still one of the oldest in the city but people still come here to enjoy beer. Add the unique atmosphere where you seem to travel back in time; this place can really make your beer more interesting.


Aside from pubs and beer gardens, there’s also another type of place you should visit to enjoy beer. There are restaurants and bars in Prague that do not just sell popular brands. They also have a small brewery and they also try to market them by selling them in their bar. Because it’s a mini-brewery, it’s a unique experience because the beer you’ll there can’t be found anywhere else.

Prague offers a near complete experience for tourists who love beer. Visit these places with your adult companion and have fun without any restrictions. Beer is overflowing in Prague and you should not miss this opportunity along with your erotic experience.