Going around the City through Subways and Trams with your Eastern Europe Escort

Prague is very popular in Europe not only for their historic structures, food, drinks and festivals. The city is also known for its extensive and highly organized public transportation. Tourists don’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on taxis as they can easily go places because of the organized public transportation. Whether it’s on trams, metro train or buses, tourists and locals can easily go around Prague. You can easily take your beautiful escort from Prague to different parts of the city because transportation is very easy to understand and well organized.

City Buses

There are three types of buses in Prague and they are differentiated based on their routes. You don’t need to remember the route of each bus type because maps are displayed everywhere and even online. The frequency of the bus depends on the demand. Rush hours means more bus on the road. To get in the bus, you need to purchase a ticket. They can be purchased virtually anywhere even in the hotel. Once you enter the bus, you have to get it stamped so that you’ll be allowed to board.

Metro Train

The metro refers to the subway trains that can take passengers anywhere in the city. Like the buses, there are three types of subway trains based on their location. There are maps in each stop so that you’ll know which metro to take. The metro in Prague is not your regular subway. Because of the soft soil condition of the city, the metro is a lot deeper compared to most subways. The escalator ride in the subway is a lot longer compared to other subways in Europe.


Trams are your regular trains that can also take you to different places in the city. It’s a lot more extensive compared to buses and metro and their operation runs 24 hours. But the frequency of the tram is a lot less from midnight to 4:30 in the morning. 

The payment system in trams is also the same with the buses. You need to have a ticket and have them stamped before you are allowed to take a seat. Knowing when the tram arrives to a specific destination is displayed in each stop. There’s also a PA system in each tram wherein the current stop is announced as well as the next destination. It’s a highly informative form of transportation and you’ll never get lost if you just listen.

Night Transportation

Trams are not the only form of transportation that offers 24-hour service. Buses are also operating even at night although the frequency is a lot less because of lesser demand. This should be very interesting for you and your escort as you use these modes of transportation to visit bars, clubs and pubs in Prague.

Last but not the least: always watch out for your pocket wile on public transportation. Even though lethal crimes are uncommon, petty crimes such as pickpockets can happen to anyone and they are very common in crowded public transportation. Always place one of your hands in your pocket or keep your money in a place where it can’t be easily stolen.